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New Book From Latonius

30 Affirmations for your Daily Life
A book and Journal to develop a better me

2020 came as a shock to many of us! We lost many things, family members, friends, jobs, the ability to physically embrace each other, and our freedom in some way shape of form. That could mean many of you lost some of your confidence and your spirit feels low.


Depression is real! I’ve spent the last 24 years standing in front of people teaching them music and trying to deliver positive messages to people all around the world. I’ve always heard that a rehearsal with me is like giving fuel once again to your body. Not just because of the music, but because I open a gateway to feel comfortable being yourself and sharing emotion with someone who really cares about what you’re going through.


Therefore I finally sat down and wrote 30 days of positive messages and affirmations to make you feel good and encourage you to use these strange times to finish some things you’ve started or wanted to start but never had the chance to finish.

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